Our Mission

Swikee wants to change the way students learn and teachers teach. While we are trying to be the best student teacher language matching site in Japan, we are also striving to create innovative new services to help students achieve their goals and to help teachers more effectively create and deliver their lessons.
Who We Are

We're a group of current and former teachers, both western and Japanese, with a common goal of bringing language teaching and learning to a new level. With a mix of great technology, industry knowledge, and 100% focus on our customers, we think we can bring a change to the industry and to create a new ecosystem where learners will flock to interact with the teachers who have been empowered.
Why We Do This

To the Teachers
The industry. We've seen it,
worked in it, know its
limitations and failings and
truly want to help it meet
its potential.
There's over 60,000 language teachers in Japan. What we can do together, as a group, cannot be understated. We want to be the hub. We want to give you the tools you need to do your job to its fullest. We want to shift the balance of power from the ancient eikawas, the short-sighted corporations, the useless managers, to you.

You are why a student learns. You are the lesson creator, the skill assessor, the testing agent, the classroom manager, the speaking facilitator. 50 students yammering all at once, 12 students silently refusing to answer, 1 student unable to get the words out. You've seen it, been there, understand the reality. And you've turned those 50 chattering individuals into a chorus of coordinated conversations, changed those 12 students into a bunch of talkative friends, and given that private student the confidence and training he needs for his study abroad.

This industry thrives everyday because of what you do. It's time you were rewarded.

To the Students
Simply put, helping the teachers is our way of helping you. A more empowered and satisfied teacher raises the level of teaching and the challenges they are willing to take on. You get a much larger pool of talent and a far greater skill set. Teachers will be able to deliver cutting edge e-learning solutions, monitor your progress more efficiently, discover your needs more accurately, deliver the right content that resonates specifically with you and keep you engaged far more intensely.

Take a look at all the countries Swikee teachers come from. Get to know more about the world, and the incredibly rich variety of language, customs, food, and style. This handy chart will give you a brief but great overview of the countries we represent and their cultures. Use it as a quick country reference or a country fact finding page. Or have some fun and use it to quick your friends about country populations, country foods, country economics, or even country happiness!
The Way of Swikee

Our overall strategy is to bring the best technology and the latest business practices to offer our customers a unique experience.

Our business relationships are based on thinking in positive ways about improving the state of teaching and learning.

We believe in being honest, transparent, and open to our customers, stake-holders and in every transaction we make.