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Teaching private students in Nakano or nearby? Finding a good place to teach your students, free of major distractions (noise, smoke, crowds, etc.) can be tough, especially if you're teaching English lessons where pronunciation practice is essential. We've made it easy for you. Nakano has several chain cafes as well as smaller coffee shops with unique atmospheres for a nice change of pace. There's a Starbucks just outside the North Exit that is a hot-bed for teaching private lessons. And if you know of a teaching location for private teachers not on our list please send us the details using the form at the bottom of the page.

Teaching Locations in Nakano

Excelsior Cafe - Sun Mall Nakano

Veloce Caffe - Sun Mall Nakano

Starbucks Nakano - Nakano-ku 5-64-5 Nakano, Nakano Sunpione Bldg.

Mugs Cafe -Nakano-ku, Chuo 5-48-5 (

Azami (アザミ) - On South side of station; Nakano 3 -chome 33-9

Dotour Cafe - Nakano Station - South exit - 4-1-1 Chuo

Veloce Caffe - Nakano Station - South Exit - 2-11-1

Pole Pole Za Space Cafe - Higashi Nakano station, West exit (JR Sobu line), Poreporeza Bldg. B1F, 4-4-1 Higashi Nakano

Mcdonald's -Broadway Nakano - Nakano 5-66-1

McDonald's - 3-1-20, Higashi Nakano, Nakano-ku, Tokyo JAPAN 164-0003

Cafe de Souvenir Nakano - Just off Sun Mall; Maruzen Building 2F, 5-67-12 Nakano

UfoTable Cafe - NAGATA Bldg. 1-38-11 NOGATA, NAKANO

Mitsu Cafe 蜜カフェ (ミツカフェ) - Nakano 5-57-9 (

Karma Foods Booze - Nakano 5-32-9

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Got There Early? Time After a Lesson?

Nakano Broadway (Otaku building) - Several floors of anime, manga, toys, music. Great for finding rare used/collectible toys to bring or send back home. When leaving Nakano station walk through the mall. Towards the end of the mall head upstairs and let the amusement begin.

Bar Side - Hard to find, incredibly small, rarely open. Other than that a true gem, with hilarious customers. Hidden away on the narrow alley next to Sun Mall. Just past a FamilyMart look up for a white sign that says "Side". If it's open be ready for a great scene.

King Dome Billiards - Shoot some pool - 5-61-1 Nakano - The alleyway just next to the Broadway Mall, across from the supermarket. Top it off with some of the best ramen around, not well known but top-notch, about 50 feet farther down the road.

Orient Spaghetti Cool chefs and waiters, quality pasta, chilled music, good prices and just an overall nice vibe - 1-23-22 Arai Nakano Ward Tokyo、 03-3387-1445 (on the narrow Yakushi Ai Road)

Kyle's Good Finds - Homestyle baked goods: cookies, brownies, muffins, cherry pie right out of the oven. Owned by a really nice guy, named Kyle! - Sun Heights Nakano, 2-7-10 Arai, Nakano-ku

Cafe Giovvani - Good pasta and pizza, outdoor patio seating. When the cherry blossoms are in bloom this place is just perfect for relaxing with a beer or some wine. 〒165-0026 東京都中野区新井1丁目39−4

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