Learning English with a Native Speaker in Japan

Textbooks help English students learn structures, words, and sometimes even a bit of natural spoken language. And movies, books, and music certainly provide a creative way to learn some natural english with natural rhythms and sounds. But just like most things in life, learning by doing is often the best method, especially once you've reached a cerain level of understanding. And the one-to-one instruction from a private English teacher truly is the best way to overcome language blocks, progress to new levels, and learn real life English skills.

For Japanese students in particular, having a private English insturctor is invaluable. After years of instruction from Japanese teachers and little or no contact with English speaking foreigners, most Japanese students have no knowledge of the subtle aspects of the language or the cultural facets that intermingle with the language. While it may seem intimidating to reach the stage of competency to achieve your goals, there are plenty of tried and tested tips and methods that really work when used regularly. Hopefully this short guide will get you students ready to undertake your studies and you teachers some refreshing on private lesson techniques and helpful assistance on where you can have your lessons. 


Why a Private Teacher

How to find a private teacher

What the student needs to do(bring to the lesson)

How to conduct private lessons

Where to study (our great Locations guide)


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